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Chapter 1 Page 4

Chapter 1 Page 4 published on No Comments on Chapter 1 Page 4

SpaceCat’s ship has a jump drive, which is a pretty rare thing in his universe.

Performing a faster than light jump is dangerous and unpredictable. Because of the amount of power it takes to open a jump portal, ships can only open jump portals large enough for small ships like SpaceCat’s.

Because of this, as we will see, Jump Gates are super important for getting around the galaxy.

I hope you enjoy this page. I had a lot of fun making it, and I’m excited to show the jump effect.

The Original SpaceCat

The Original SpaceCat published on No Comments on The Original SpaceCat

Welcome to The Adventures of SpaceCat.

This was the very first SpaceCat comic. Back in 1995, while I was in High School, I was part of an evening comic art class that met once a week. Thanks to teachers Mike Keeney and Chris Chapman, I was challenged to move beyond copying super hero pinups by Jim Lee and start creating actual comics.

SpaceCat came out of my time in that class and I have had a love for the character ever since.

SpaceCat has had many variations over the years, but this is where SpaceCat started. Back then he was “The Funky Little SpaceCat”

I figured showing these early comics would be a fitting place to start his new comic adventures.

I hope you enjoy SpaceCat’s first ever adventure.

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